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We are renovation specialist focusing on small to medium home renovations. This includes kitchen and bathroom renovations and basically any home renovation project that focuses both on indoor and outdoor spaces.

We have established partnerships with a some of the most renowned suppliers from which our clients can benefit from. These include e.g. Reece Bathrooms, Southern Tiles and other partners who can basically supply everything necessary for a bathroom renovation and most things including tiles and tapware for a kitchen renovation.

The Story of R.A. Paul Property Services Pty Ltd

I started a carpentry apprenticeship when I was sixteen which is 25 years ago. The company itself was founded in 2003 and we got more progressive and innovative since then. We are a team of specialists that are coordinated personally by myself to achieve the best result for our clients. I am a registered builder and our company is insured through the Master Builders Association Victoria.

Your Home Renovation Project

We can help you through the whole process starting with the idea and finishing with the accomplished project. Let us describe a “typical” home renovation project so we give you a better idea what you can expect when you get us on board for your project.

Doing Own Research

Before you decide to get in touch, you will surely have an idea of what you want, like and dislike and what your budget looks like. You might have collected some designs that you like, talked to your friends and people who already accomplished a home renovation. You might have found us when researching possible suppliers and builders or perhaps we were recommended to you by one of your friends who we worked with.

Organising a Quote

It all starts with your enquiry, either with your phone call or you enquiring through our website when you let us know more about your plans. Whether it is a kitchen renovation, home renovation or a more complex project, we will talk to you about your ideas, expected result, time frame etc. We will organise a personal inspection before we are ready to quote and cover more detail including your direction and vision. If you are stuck, we can recommend a designer you can talk to so we can start the quoting process. The contract (next phase) needs to be a fixed price building contract so we will need to know everything before moving towards the next phase – what tapware will be installed, vanity, heater, toilet, appliances etc. and where they will be placed. We will always give you our feedback and recommendations regarding what is possible or what would be the best option for you given the circumstances.

Acceptance of the Quote

We will send you a formalised quote for the project which we need you to formally accept before we move to the next step. This includes signing a contract which is a standardised document informing you about our company, the process of the project, your rights and responsibilities. I will explain the contract in detail and answer any questions you might have about it.

Sourcing Materials

Once the contract is in place, we book the job in so it can be completed in a timely manner from this point. We prefer having everything the client purchases himself on the site physically before we start the job. It is necessary to avoid any possible problems including delays because the real product can sometimes differ to what was ordered and stated in the documentation. We are happy to help you pick up some of the products if they are sourced locally.


We do everything necessary to progress with the job starting with the demolition where necessary. We do not leave rubbish on site – it is removed from the premises on the very same day. We update you constantly on the progress of the job. We will work according to the plan so we will finalise the renovation before the completion date which is stated in the contract.

Main Building Phase

After the demolition, we will start the preparation work – floor preparation, wall preparation, electrics and other things as required. Then we usually get the client involved, especially with the bathrooms, if you are happy with the location of the tapware, with heights of fixtures etc., all depending on the project. Then it is pretty much a seamless process, our team members (who are fully insured, too) overlap on the site in a timely manner until the project is finished.

Finishing Touches and Project Handover

After we finish the whole project, we will meet on the site with the client and hand over the project. The warranty on the job is stipulated by the Victorian building authority and the guideline is 2 years for non-structural and 10 years for structural work.

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Rules and Regulations

There are certain rules set by the Victorian building authority that apply to renovation project and need to be respected. We think it is useful to let you know ahead so you can consider them when planning your home renovation.

  • Any works over $10,000 require to be done by a registered building practitioner and have to be put under a building contract
  • The project over $16,000 has to be insured with a separate insurance policy
  • As a registered builder, I have to provide details on my insurance, my builders registration, my Master Builders membership.

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Gallery of Selected Accomplished Renovation Projects